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    Technology, Green and New services

    Through professional and complete workspace solutions, we create attractive and efficient workplaces for technology companies to help them improve their performance. We are committed to providing comprehensive facility management solutions for customers who are exploring the cutting edge technology, helping customers achieve their research and development goals, and protecting customers' technological assets.

    We are a trusted IFM solution provider and partner in the bio-pharmaceutical industry. We deeply understand the compliance requirements of the biopharmaceutical business thus we provide our clients with consistently high standards of service through our strict SOP and regular cross-examination system. We implement high-standard biopharmaceutical factories, laboratories and warehouses with professional IFM service, to make sure R&D investment and assets of global pharmaceutical companies are secured.

    We provide operation and maintenance services based on data center infrastructure by continuously summarizing and analyzing the operation and maintenance requirements of data centers in various industries. We transform data centers into efficient, stable and exceptional strategic business assets for clients by integrating technology and people with refined process operation.

    We customize comprehensive IFM solutions for your business. We can be trusted with years of experience in providing IFM services to the automobile manufacturing and retail industries. We aim to provide superior experience for customers with 24/7 emergency response, strict supervision and stable delivery standards.

    We fullfill the requirements of industrial and commercial customers by providing high-quality, stable and cost-effective comprehensive facility management services. Whether managing a business expansion strategy or creating value for our clients, we consistently deliver forward-looking IFM services focused on achieving our clients' expectations.

    We fully understand governmental and public construction customers' need of stable security, cleaning, engineering and administrative services for buildings. Through professional service personnel, technological empowerment and soft services to create a warm connection between the government and the public.

    We provide outstanding IFM service in healthcare industry and hospitals. Our expertise and rich experience bring safety, comfort and convenience to all patients and medical staff.

    We tailor our IFM solutions to make school campus an ideal environment for students to thrive. We build a solid logistic system to guarantee excellent education. We are committed to building a green, smart and humanistic campus which provides teachers and students with a safe and comfortable learning and living environment.

    We provide commercial tenancy clients with tailored IFM solutions based on proprietary research and industry-leading technological tools. Our service standards and product quality, as well as a strong supply chain are able to meet the daily needs of tenants distributed in various locations. We work with clients to create innovative business support solutions that achieve business goals.

    We are committed to creating high-end smart cultural and sports venues. We provide customized management solutions according to the characteristics of different venues. Relying on our powerful digital platform and a complete IFM service system, we deliver 24/7 crisis response, comprehensive emergency plans, and flexible service.

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