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  • Second Living Space

    Working time is an important part of employees' daily life. An excellent workplace not only improves employees' happiness and efficiency, but also enhances corporates' public image and recruitment competitiveness. We create a green, healthy and comfortable office environment to comprehensively improve employees' office experiences and work efficiency. Let's kickstart a working mode of the Second Green Living Space.

    Staff Health Service

    Improve the happiness of employees and reflect corporate humanistic care.
    • Health water service

      • Safer
      • Healthier
      • Lower Cost
      • Innovative
      • Smarter
    • Pest control

      • Pest Treatment
      • Pest Risk Monitoring
      • Pest Prevention
      • Pest Risk Assessment
      • Emergency Pest Control
    • Space aromatic service

      • Health Aromatherapy Service
      • Odor treatment
      • Formaldehyde treatment
      • Air Disinfection and Sterilization
    • Health activity services

      • Workplace Fitness
      • Sports Team Building
      • Team-building Activity
      • Fun Games/Family Day Organize
      • Corporate Events Conduct

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